bullet Weihnachten In Deutschland - Word document to accompany BBC website - easy
bullet Weihnachtsuhr - Time remaining to Christmas - Takes a little while to show the time
bulletWeihnachten - Activi Hub Vocabulary Games
bulletAdventskalendar - FInd out what is in the advent calendar today
bulletAdventskalendar - Worksheet based on the advent calendar (could be used without if necessary)
bulletWeihnachten - 4 Hot Potatoes Activities
bulletWeihnachten - Memory game on basic vocab class tools software
bulletWeihnachten - Vocabulary
bulletWeihnachten - basic vocabulary matching activity Quia
bulletWeihnachten - sich wŁnschen Verb matching activity
bulletWeihnachtsgeschenke - 15 vocabulary and adjective endings activities
bulletWeihnachten - past tense worksheet - word to download - given to me on a course
bulletWeihnachten - En Garde game
bulletDie Prinzen - Weihnachtslieder
bulletWeihnachtsquiz - adapted from an idea by Michael Tidd - Powerpoint - large file, embedded sounds
bullet Michael Schuhmacher's Christmas - worksheets & games with lesson ideas in a zip file.