Video Clips


And you thought German pronunciation was difficult!


Short Language Learning Promotional Clip


 Wir sind Helden - Nur ein Wort. Great video with cue cards.



Farin Urlaub - Dusche. I really love this track as all the household appliances fight back with the exception of "Die Dusche"?


 Rammstein - Ich will. Great for present tense and modal verbs.


bullet"Suis je bothered?" - This just had to be here!


bulletThe Importance of really learning a language!

bulletGlobale Erwärmung - nur positiv?

bulletWhy do we bother to try to teach the language correctly?

bulletDie Fanta Vier - MFG - Great song for advanced alphabet practice & acronyms

bulletHerbert Grönemeyer - Ageing German Rock Star

bulletLion King - Hakuna Matata sung in German with subtitles

bulletMonty Python

bulletIch nehme es - Bizarre, repetitive little song teaching wieviel & numbers to 10 - very catchy!


bulletDie Prinzen - Be Cool Speak Deutsch - Just how much English is in the German language?

bulletTofu liebt dich! - Tofu the solution to global warming?

bulletDie Prinzen - Tiere sind zum Essen da. A vaguely upsetting song about eating your pet rabbit.

bulletWise Guys - Ich schmeiß mein Auto auf den Müll - Good song to teach about the environment