This Page provides links to other useful teaching resources

bullet Build your own WebQuest
bullet Tools for Educators - fabulous site to make your own worksheets & puzzles easily
bulletPaul Joyce German for Beginners course University of Portsmouth - really good
bulletSlow German - Excellent texts & podcasts. Teaching resources available for 1 euro
bullet - List of Grammar terms and exercises and much more
bullet Hennings House
bullet GCSE German Bitesize
bullet German Crosswords on GCSE Topics - Alcester Grammar School
bullet Aiglon
bullet Logo - ZDF Tivi - Excellent for Y12 & Y13 resources
bulletGEOlino - - Excellent for Y12 & Y13 resources
bullet Ashcombe School
bullet Languages Online - German
bullet MFL Sunderland
bulletBlinde Kuh - website for German Kids - includes simplified German news & much more
bullet Brennpunkt Online - Resources for Y12 & Y13 based on the textbook
bulletSowieso - Online Magazine for KS4 upwards
bulletJuma - Magazine with extensive archives for KS4 upwards
bulletGoethe Institut - Online resources for KS5 - Online vocabulary testing including create your own
bulletLeo - online dictionary - one of the better ones
bullet German Podcasts with worksheets - AS / A2 Level
bulletDigital Dialects German - Free, interactive vocabulary games for beginners - Excellent site - subscription required - great site for creating free online activities
bullet Teachers-Direct - free blockbusters template and ready made resources on this site - a very interesting site which allows you to open any web page and translate words directly on the page - useful for 6th form research - several languages
bullet Kontakte - various grammatical understanding activities based on the text book